Your candidate journey

The interview

As with all of our processes here at Aldermore Group, we have both our customer experience and Purpose at the heart. Therefore our interview process has been designed with you and your experience in mind too.

 Our two stage process aligns with our aspiration to be ‘Nimble, Lean and Strong.’ At most we will expect you to complete two formal interviews, either virtually or in person at one of our offices.

Quite simply, the first stage interview will assess your technical suitability for the role. You will meet your prospective Hiring Manager to explore your skills and experience in more detail. It will also be your opportunity to learn more about the role, the team and life at Aldermore Group.

If you like us, and we feel the role is a good match on a technical level, you will be invited to complete your second stage interview. During this values based interview, you will respond to competency based questions, which will help us identify your alignment to the Aldermore Group Promises and culture.

Both interviews are of equal importance to us. We know that a company culture impacts your happiness, passion and productivity as an employee, so we want you to be as confident as us that Aldermore Group is the right place for your next move.

If you are being considered for a role with line management responsibility, we may ask you to complete an Occupational Personality Questionnaire. You will receive this when your values based interview is scheduled. It requires a maximum of 30 minutes to be completed and you can do so at home, at a time convenient for you. We don’t use this to make a final decision, so don’t overthink it. It just gives us an insight as to how you see yourself.


Your interview in lockdown

We have virtual interview options available via our technology platforms to ensure you still have a great experience. Whilst we know it's not the same as meeting potential future colleagues face to face, its the next best thing! We will still make sure you get to meet relevant parties as part of the process so you can make a well educated decision on your next career move.

Our decision

We won’t leave you hanging.

At every stage of the process, we will keep you informed of feedback and any next steps. Your Recruiter will be a dedicated point of contact for you, throughout.

We know that it’s not going to work out every time. If you demonstrate that drive and determination we look for, but the timing and the fit on this occasion is just out, we’ll still ensure you have a great experience with us. There is no doubt that the demands of our business are fast changing, so we’ll be sure to keep you in mind for the future.

When it comes to passing on the good news, and making you an offer verbally, we’ll aim to deliver this to you within two working days of your final stage interview.

In turn, we recognise that changing jobs and starting somewhere new is life changing. Whether it is the little, everyday things; like travelling into a different city, via a different mode of transport; or the bigger, more impactful things, like stepping up and taking on that new challenge and more responsibility, we will continue to support, guide and prepare you for joining us.