What to do first

First you need to register the death at the register office.

Tell Us Once helps you report a death to most government organisations in one go. The registrar will tell you about it and there’s more information at www.gov.uk.

Terms you'll hear

Death certificate – when someone dies, you’ll need to register the death at a registry office.  The death will be recorded by a registrar and they’ll issue a document called a death certificate. When you register the death it might be helpful to get copies of the death certificate, as you might need several of these for different organisations.

Personal Representative - this is the executor or administrator who will deal with your loved one's money and property (their estate).

Executor -the person or person(s) named in the Will to deal with the estate.

Administrator/Executor-dative – this person or person(s) are appointed when no Will can be found or if there’s no executor to carry out the intentions in the Will.

Grant of Probate/Confirmation – after someone dies, depending on the value of your loved one’s property, money and possessions, you may need to apply for a legal right to deal with their estate. If your loved one left a Will, then you’ll get a grant of probate or confirmation. If they didn’t leave a Will, then in England and Wales you’ll get Letters of Administration.

How to contact us

The paperwork you need to send us depends on what savings account your loved one had. If you’re not sure or don't know how much money is in the account call us on 0345 604 2678.

You can find out more about the paperwork you'll need to send for each type of account by reading our bereavement guide for personal savings customers.

Who else can help

You can also find useful information on

Age UK – www.ageuk.org.uk 

Cruse Bereavement Support - www.cruse.org.uk

Citizens Advice Bureau – www.citizensadvice.org.uk

The Probate Service – www.theprobateservice.org

Gov uk - www.gov.uk/after-a-death

Gov uk - Tell Us Once - www.gov.uk/organisations-you-need-to-contact-and-tell-us-once