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We want to reassure our customers that we are here to help at this time.

Backing people to fulfil life's hopes and dreams.


During the past ten years we’ve helped businesses with financial support so they can expand and thrive; we’ve propelled entrepreneurs on their journeys; we’ve given first-timers a leg-up onto the property ladder; and we’ve opened up the lending market to many.

We’ve said yes when others have said no, supported by our trusted partnerships with brokers. We’ve put opportunity first and we’ve made things happen for our customers.

From straightforward personal savings to a breadth of business finance options, we will continue to march to the beat of our customers’ drum for the decade to come.

Who we are.


We offer simple financial products and solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, landlords, savers and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Founded in 2009, we have grown significantly since then, posting our first year of profits three years after launching and establishing Aldermore as one of the leading alternative banks.

In March 2018, Aldermore officially became part of FirstRand Group, one of South Africa’s largest financial services institutions. FirstRand Group also includes MotoNovo, and in May 2019, we successfully completed the integration of MotoNovo into Aldermore Group.

Through its extensive network of dealers across the UK, MotoNovo offers a range of quality products and services to thousands of customers who choose MotoNovo Finance every week to fund their next car, van, or motorbike.

Together, we will continue to challenge the status quo and remain focused on providing a seamless service to turn our customers’ ambitions into reality.

Women in Finance Charter

As a company that values and understands the importance of diversity and inclusion for all, Aldermore is delighted to be one of the first to sign up to HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter, committing to address any gender imbalance at all levels in our business. We're committed to the core elements of the charter as a means to improving our business for all: our people and our customers.

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Ring fencing

Following the financial crisis which began in 2007, the UK Government has put new rules in place to protect the economy and taxpayers. This change separates the services you would get in a branch or online from the investment banking and global operations of the giant banks.

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