Construction Finance

Construction Finance releases funding when you need it by advancing cash against your uncertified applications for payment or staged invoices.
Financing your business growth.
Let’s get started

Financing your business growth.
Let’s get started

Release extra cash from your contracts when you need it.

Construction finance from Aldermore offers fast access to working capital. This is advanced against your uncertified applications for payment or staged invoices. This gives you a safety net for your finances, so you don’t have to rely on payment from your customer before you can make staff and supplier payments, or take on new projects.

At a glance

  • Timely access to your cash - with funding advanced usually within 24 hours
  • An expert team behind you - applying our long-established track record with contractors to help your business
  • Peace of mind - our understanding of your contracts could help identify any potential issues before they happen
  • Personal approach – we’ll make sure you know all your day-to-day contacts at Aldermore personally
  • Flexibility - with access to on-site quantity surveyors, dispute resolution and other industry specific experts, should you need them
  • Transparent - we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, clearly explaining how the facility will work and what it will cost

Once your facility has been approved, accessing your money is straightforward:

  • Submit your billing to us - this can be staged invoices or applications for payment - even before they are certified by your customers
  • We release an agreed percentage of the value to you (minus our fee), usually within 24 hours
  • Once your customer makes a payment to us, we release the remainder to you

Construction Finance can help a wide range of businesses in the Construction construction sector who have a need for working capital and are typically operating under stage payment contracts. At Aldermore, we work with businesses to find funding solutions that meet their individual requirements.

Construction finance could help your business if:

  • You are a contractor in the construction sector
  • You have a need for working capital
  • You have an annual sales turnover of above £250,000

With our expert contractor team behind you we can give you an invaluable safety net for any unexpected late payments or project delays. We can release the extra cash when you need it most from your applications for payment or staged invoices.

We will work with you to design a funding package that’s designed around your business, with competitive and transparent charges agreed with you up front. All costs will be outlined in your facility offer letter, together with a Client Guide that will detail any additional fees that would apply for services you may need or use. An arrangement fee will also normally apply.

Contractors and Sub-contractors


When faced with unpaid billing, contractors can face significant problems. Late payments from one customer could leave you unable to complete projects for another. Paying staff, suppliers, and sub-contractors can also be a challenge when you’re waiting for the money to enter your account.


In terms of cash flow management, prevention is often better than cure. By regularly assessing your finances and conducting frequent cash flow forecasts, you can plan ahead and act upon any issues before they cause problems.

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Not Being Paid

While waiting on payments is not uncommon in the construction industry, if you start to feel like you will never be paid for work that is underway or complete, there are steps that you can take to retrieve the cash you need.

Working Capital

Often, contractors will be expected to pay suppliers and staff before they have received payment from their own customers. Such imbalances can not only affect the business in question, others further along the chain can find themselves battling cash flow problems too.

Late Payments

Most businesses will find themselves tackling late payments at some point, and it’s no different for those within the construction industry which is well known for late or unpredictable payments and long lead times.

Our Invoice Finance products

Invoice Finance


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Factoring can help your business grow by giving you fast access to the working capital locked up in your unpaid invoices, with the added benefit of a credit control service to free up your valuable resources.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Discounting

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Access our funding to help realise your growth ambitions by converting up your unpaid invoices into ready capital. 

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Bad Debt Protection

Bad Debt Protection protects your business against the impact of a customer insolvency or non-payment.

Invoice Finance

Trade Finance

We can make payments directly to your UK or overseas suppliers, reducing the stress on your cash flow whilst you grow your order book.

Invoice Finance

Asset Based Lending

Release the cash value held within your existing assets, like stock, machinery and property to raise the funding you need.