Let’s unleash your tax free saving potential. Mix and match your Aldermore Cash ISA products, so you can build the perfect ISA package tailored to your needs.

Best Fixed Rate Cash ISA Provider

What is MaximISA?

Most ISA providers only let you open one cash ISA each tax year, which can restrict your options.

Our MaximISA gives you the freedom, choice and flexibility to maximise your tax free savings plans using different Aldermore Cash ISA products. You can spread your annual £20,000 ISA  allowance across the 30 Day Notice Cash ISA and the 1, 2 and 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISAs in the way that suits you best.

So now you can look to the future and put your plans in place – in one place.

How does it work?

By opening a 30 Day Notice Cash ISA with any combination of our Fixed Rate Cash ISAs you can maximise your returns across varying maturity dates, and by giving notice still have access to some of your money without penalty. So, for example, you could save £10,000 in our 30 Day Notice Cash ISA and lock £10,000 away in a 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA.

If you don’t have the full allowance available at the start of the tax year, you can save more throughout the year by topping-up or opening further cash ISA products as additional funds become available. 

And if you’ve got existing ISAs with other providers from previous tax years, these don’t count towards your £20,000 annual allowance so you can transfer these to us in full. By bringing all of your ISAs together in one place, you can manage your ISA portfolio with ease.

Our easy to use MaximISA calculator shows you how much interest you’ll earn and the average interest rate you’ll receive if you spread your ISA allowance across different products.

What do I do?

Our range of cash ISA products is shown in the boxes below, and you can see full details for these accounts by clicking through to the product pages.

You can use our MaximISA calculator to see how splitting your allowance across our ISA products works best for you.

Once you’ve read all of the information and decided how you want to split your allowance, simply:

  • Follow the online account opening process for one of your chosen accounts. We’ll write to you, usually within five business days, to confirm that your first account is open and to give you your Customer ID

  • Log into your new account online and open your other chosen accounts by clicking on the ‘Open an account’ link and following the on-screen instructions. As an existing customer, we’ll already have your details so you can open your other accounts in just a couple of minutes

  • Once you’ve opened all of your accounts, you’ll be able to view your ISA Summary online to see how much of your allowance you’ve used and how much you have left

ISA freedom has arrived. Make the most of it.

Our Cash ISAs

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

Up to 1.35% AER*

Suitable if you:

  • Want all of the interest tax free
  • Have a lump sum to deposit or transfer and won’t want to add money further down the line
  • Want a guaranteed interest rate for the term
  • Accept that there will be a deduction of interest if you need access to your money during the term

Notice Cash ISAs

0.55% AER*

Suitable if you:

  • Want all of the interest tax free
  • Want to be able to transfer in other ISAs whenever you like and add money up to the ISA allowance
  • Might need access to your money, but won’t need it instantly

*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

We reserve the right to withdraw these products from sale at any time.