Seeing family and friends tops list of what Brits most look forward to post-vaccine as the UK plans for life after lockdown

POSTED: 16th April 2021
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  • One in two (50%) in the UK are most looking forward to seeing family and friends, whereas a holiday (39%), going to pubs (35%) and peace of mind regarding health (21%) also top of the list of post-vaccine rollout activities
  • On retaining lockdown habits, a third (31%) of Brits want to continue to reduce their day-to-day spending expenses and save more money, with a quarter (22%) wanting to retain their home cooking habits
  • Over a third (36%) plan on changing their housing situation, including plans to redecorate or renovate rooms in their current home or moving to a new home

With some lockdown measures gradually easing, new research1 from Aldermore Bank reveals what Brits are most looking forward to, which habits and routines they want to continue with post-lockdown, and those they are happy to give up.

Back to the new normal

After a year of successive lockdowns that has separated loved ones during holiday periods, birthdays, and other occasions, most of us are looking forward to seeing family (50%) and friends (45%) post-lockdown. While two in five (39%) look forward to well-deserved holidays, and many plan on resuming socialising and nightlife activities, with one in three (35%) excited to dine out in pubs and restaurants, and 15% pine for the theatre or festivals. 

New housing start

With so long spent at home the past year, many Brits (36%) are looking at changing their housing situation post-lockdown. Of those looking to make changes, overhauling areas of the home are a key priority, with a quarter (26%) seeking professional tradespersons to redecorate some rooms and a quarter (25%) want to do major renovations to the home. In addition, of those seeking change, many are looking to move entirely. Nearly one in five (18%) want to buy their first home, 17% want to relocate to a more rural/suburban setting, 14% want a bigger home whereas 13% seek to downsize. 

Continuing with our ‘lockdown habits’

While many are excited at the prospect of lockdown ending, positive lessons and new routines were learned during the last year, and many are motivated to continue them. Savings remain a top priority for Brits, with one in three (31%) keen to put away extra cash and enjoy the benefits of reducing their day-to-day expenses seen from working from home. A quarter (22%) want to continue cooking at home, and with gyms closed, over a fifth (18%) are looking to exercise from home moving forwards. Lockdown also provided the perfect opportunity to take up a hobby and one in seven (16%) are planning to keep on perfecting their skills.

Demand for flexible working

Working from home has also meant we have reassessed how we would like to work and commute in the future. High on the list of things to retain from lockdown, nearly one in five (17%) would like to keep some flexibility with their hours in the future and 16% are happy to continue working from home more and commuting less.

Jon Cooper, Head of Mortgage Distribution, Aldermore, said: “We are all excited for lockdown measures to ease and a chance to finally get back to some normality. While this has been a difficult period in many ways, there have been benefits we can take away from this experience and hopefully life changing skills and positive habits have been created and continued in the future.

“This period of lockdown means we are all re-evaluating what are homes can be, so it is not surprising so many are seriously looking at making a change. Now is a good time to consider home plans, such as building an extension, overhauling the kitchen or even making a move, alongside reviewing financial options such as remortgaging for those bigger home transformation goals or raising a deposit to find that forever home.”


Notes to editors:

1Research conducted by Opinium in March 2021, with a nationally representative sample size of 2,000 UK adults.

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