Aldermore increases rates on personal savings products

POSTED: 11th September 2020
IN: Newsroom

Aldermore bank has today announced rate increases on its 120 day notice and one year fixed rate products, providing customers with a competitive rate for their short-term savings goals.

The following personal savings products will be available immediately:

  • 120 day notice product – rate increased from 0.70% to 1.10%
  • One year fixed rate – rate increased from 1.00% to 1.20%.

Ewan Edwards, director of savings, Aldermore comments: “Many people have had their plans disrupted or delayed this year, but money saved for these things can be put to good use by using a specific savings product. Four month notice products in particular are extremely useful for people who might have recently received a refund from a cancelled trip or have delayed their plans until 2021. It enables savers to get their money working for them until it is time to be used, such as for a well deserved break, or to put towards those bigger costs you know are coming down the line, like buying a new car or annual school fees.

“At Aldermore bank, we offer a big choice of straight-forward savings products with competitive rates so people can find the product that complements whatever life goal or ambition they have.”


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