Aldermore refreshes residential mortgage range

POSTED: 3rd September 2018
IN: Newsroom

Specialist Bank, Aldermore, has today refreshed its residential mortgage range, reducing rates across its High LTV products, targeting first time buyers, second steppers and those looking to remortgage.

Available immediately, with a range of fee options to suit individual needs:

2 year fixed rate (£999 Product Fee):

  • up to 85% LTV – 3.98% (purchase & remortgage)
  • up to 90% LTV – 4.28% (purchase only)
  • up to 95% LTV – 4.78% (purchase only)

2 year fixed rate (purchase only, no product, legal and valuation fees):

  • up to 90% LTV – 4.58%
  • up to 95% LTV – 5.08%

2 year fixed rate (remortgage only, no product, legal and valuation fees):

  • up to 85% LTV – 4.28%
  • up to 90% LTV – 4.58%

Aldermore has also refreshed rates across the 3 year and 5 year fixed rate product range.

The specialist bank has also reviewed its lending tiers, launched in April this year, that support customers, who have had credit blips in their past or who do not fit the cookie cutter mould often required by mainstream lenders, reducing rates across its Standard Level 2 and 3 ranges.

Standard Mortgage Range Level 1:

  • 2 year fixed rate:
  • up to 75% LTV - from 2.48% (purchase & remortgage, £999 product fee)
  • up to 75% LTV – from 2.78% (remortgage only, no product, legal and valuation fees)

Standard Mortgage Range Level 2 (£999 product fee):

  • 2 year fixed rate up to 75% LTV - from 3.48% (purchase & remortgage)

Standard Mortgage Range Level 3 (£999 product fee):

  • 2 year fixed rate up to 75% LTV - from 3.98% (purchase & remortgage)

Damian Thompson, Director of Mortgages, Aldermore comments: “The latest changes to our residential mortgage range are ideal for those looking to buy a new home or remortgaging as we enter the autumn housing market. The refreshed range offers customers competitive rates and a range of options, including free valuations and no legal fees.

“We are also pleased to announce reduced rates across our standard range of residential mortgages for Levels 2 and 3. We introduced these levels in April earlier this year, providing support to those people with small credit issues.

“At Aldermore we recognise people’s situations can be complex, so it is important to consider each case on an individual basis. Combined with a human approach to lending, these latest changes across our residential mortgage range provide much needed financial support for those going through the challenging process of buying a home.”


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