100 days down for Carney and still many challenges ahead

POSTED: 7th October 2013
IN: Newsroom

Ahead of his one hundredth day in charge of the Bank of England (8th October), Simon Healy Managing Director for Savings at Aldermore Bank, believes there are still challenges for Mark Carney to address.

"Mark Carney's first one hundred days represent a marked change from the previous Governorship of Sir Mervyn King, particularly the introduction of 'Forward Guidance'.

"I welcome his recent comments about a return to values in our banking system and in particular the needs for banks to make their own credit decisions. 'The computer says no' attitude does not help small business or individuals looking for credit and it is excellent news that the Governor recognises this.

"While much is being done to help home buyers, I hope that over the coming months Dr Carney pays greater consideration to the plight of UK savers, particularly those on fixed-incomes. While a long-term low base rate is making life much easier for borrowers, financial planning is becoming considerably difficult and destroying any opportunity to develop a savings culture in the UK.

"I wish him the best for next few years, but he must ensure that his policies do not hurt those who have taken greater responsibility for their futures."


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