Aldermore becomes first bank in UK to launch a full customer interactive service

POSTED: 25th February 2013
IN: Newsroom

Aldermore today announced the launch of a new online customer interactive service that provides its customers with the opportunity to rate and review their products and participate in an Ask & Answer service. An additional initiative featuring ‘Stories’ will be launched later in the year. Aldermore is the first bank in the UK to offer its customers and non-customers this entire service.

Ratings & Reviews will allow customers to share their opinions publicly on the Bank's products and is currently available for the savings and invoice finance product range.

The Bank is also launching 'Ask & Answer' which allows customers to engage with Aldermore experts, as well as each other to ask & answer questions. Questions are not restricted and can include issues which affect customers and SMEs (such as a tax issues or cash flow) as well as questions relating to products.

This free online functionality will provide Aldermore with the capability to receive direct customer feedback on its product range and their experience of dealing with the Bank whilst potential customers will be able to make an informed decision based on that feedback before committing themselves to a similar product. Aldermore has made a commitment to total operational transparency when dealing with its customers, welcoming continuous feedback, in order to deliver exceptional customer service.

The functionality also allows customers to track and follow a product before choosing what best suits their needs and is integrated with social media, such as Facebook. This is a new way to engage with customers and will significantly bolster Aldermore's online customer experience.

Paul Myers, Chief Operating Officer at Aldermore said, "Ratings and Reviews have been around for some time now for online shopping however, this is the first time a bank has launched these communication channels which sees a real step-change for the banking industry.

"We constantly strive to offer a different, more integrated banking experience, which puts the customers and their feedback at its heart. We want customers to be able to make choices based on real-world information, including the views of other customers and their experiences of Aldermore's product and services.

"In offering this revolutionary new service for the UK banking industry, Aldermore is continuing to demonstrate a continuous commitment to be transparent and offer the best service to our customers."

This new service is highly secure and the site sends an authentication email to confirm a person's detail before being able to proceed.





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