Opening or closing an account

Information for personal savings customers.

Deposits by Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS or standing order can only be made from your nominated account and you should quote the following details:

  • Our Account Number: 63684431
  • Our Sort Code: 20-19-90  (this may show as Barclays, we partner with them as our clearing bank)
  • Beneficiary Name: Aldermore Bank PLC
  • Payment reference: Your Account Opening Reference Number/Account Number and first three letters of your surname*

*When you completed your account opening online, you’ll have been given an account opening reference number. When you receive confirmation of your new account details, you’ll receive an account number. Both of these numbers are unique to you and you can use either number as the payment reference.

Please make sure that you correctly quote the beneficiary name and reference when you make a payment.

Please don’t send any money until we’ve confirmed that your account is open, as we won’t be able to allocate it to your account and it will be returned.

Confirmation of Payee has been introduced for electronic payments. This service checks the beneficiary name in the payment instruction against the name of the account where the payment is to be sent. If you bank with one of the providers who have implemented this service and the beneficiary name isn’t completed correctly, your bank may not be able to confirm that the details match.

If the payment reference isn’t correct, we won’t be able to allocate the payment to your account and it may be returned to you without interest.  

Your bank may apply a maximum limit per transaction for payments made by Faster Payments and BACS.

It may take up to two business days for the payment to show on the account, however you’ll earn interest from the business day on which the payment was received.

For Fixed Rate Accounts or Fixed Rate Cash ISAs, you’ve 14 calendar days from the date of application to make deposits into your account.