Back to 1 Year fixed rate account information

To open one of our accounts you'll need this information to hand:

  • Company registration number
  • Your business details
  • The sort code and account number for your business current account. We may ask you to send us a bank statement to confirm your account details. We can’t accept an account held with an e-money provider as your linked nominated account
  • Name, full address including postcode, and date of birth for all business owners (please enter the postcode without spaces)


Your business needs to be:

  • Based in the UK and only tax resident in the UK
  • A Limited or Unlimited Company (Ltd)


Your business must not:

  • Have trustees or accounts held in trust
  • Be a club, society or charity


You and any other owners who control 25% or more of the business need to be:

  • Over 18
  • A resident in the UK and only tax resident in the UK
  • Not a US citizen (including residents, green card holders or a US person based on your worldwide income)


If you’re an existing customer, please log in to internet banking to open a new account.


Please make sure you have read the Fixed Rate Account Summary Box and Business Savings Terms and Conditions