Double Access Account

With our Double Access Account, you can make deposits whenever you like to help you build up your savings pot. You can also make withdrawals, giving you the reassurance that you can access your money if you need it. You’ll get the benefit of the higher interest rate if you make two or less withdrawals each year.

The rates we have previously paid on our Double Access Account are shown on our Historic Rates Page

Don't want a Double Access Account?

Easy Access Account

0.30% AER*

Suitable if you:

  • Don’t want to lock your money away
  • Want to be able to add and withdraw money whenever you like
  • Want a competitive variable interest rate

Notice Accounts

0.35% AER*

Suitable if you:

  • Might need access to your money, but won’t need it instantly
  • Want to be able to deposit money whenever you like
  • Are willing to give notice to achieve a higher variable interest rate