Self-employed mortgages

For the self-employed it can feel like there’s a lot of hoops to jump through to find a mortgage.

We know that not everyone’s finances are simple and straightforward. So from builders to plumbers, techies to contractors, whether a limited company or sole trader, we’ll look at the big picture.

Our expert underwriters will assess each mortgage application on its own merits and will use a bit of common sense to understand individual circumstances.

As a self-employed mortgage specialist:

  • We don’t cap LTV for self-employed lending
  • We can look at retained profits in your business when assessing your income
  • Our loan to income ratio is up to 5.5x for individual or joint applicants with a minimum of £60k income
  • We lend up to a maximum term of 40 years
  • We ignore all communications defaults
  • We allow a maximum of 1 settled default in the last 13 – 36 months up to £500, and all defaults registered over 3 years are accepted
  • We’re not ‘computer-says-no’ – every mortgage application is individually assessed

We offer mortgages through brokers

If you’re looking for a new mortgage, then please contact your broker, they’ll be able to discuss your personal circumstances to help find the right mortgage for you. You can find a mortgage broker by searching online or by asking friends or family for personal recommendations. Don’t forget to check they're registered with the FCA. You can do this by visiting

Why use a mortgage broker? Read our article on 10 great reasons.

Self employed and looking to get a mortgage?

Our recent research of UK self employed workers found that over half (51%) think their financial situation has become worse over the past year, with over a third (34%) applying for government support and one quarter of self employed home owners requesting a mortgage holiday period during the past 12 months to get by. 

Those who are self employed may be feeling pessimistic about their future home buying prospects after this difficult period, but fortunately there are options available to help.

We’ve put together six top tips if you’re self employed and looking to get a mortgage...

Subject to status. Your mortgage is secured on your property.  Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments.