Landlord insights

There’s no denying the positive difference that landlords make to local jobs and economies.

Our recent landlord research identified some interesting discoveries on how important they are to the UK housing market. The research shows just how much landlords stimulate growth in the local economies and communities, and we feel they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.


Landlords hire local people

Landlords know that maintaining their properties is essential, from fixing a leak to addressing severe structural issues, as not everything can be done by a landlord alone.

Our research shows that 80% of landlords opt to use local tradespeople for help with the upkeep of their properties, spending over £6,000 each year while doing so.

We found that landlords prefer to use local tradespeople, with a desire to put trust in local service providers that supports the local being a motivating factor across a range of specialisms, with:


  • 52% looking for local electricians
  • 50% preferring local plumbers
  • 34% seeking out local handymen
  • 15% opting for local interior designers and structural engineers
  • 14% using local architects


Hiring locally, as opposed to outsourcing work to larger corporations, is a major benefit for small-to-medium businesses. It maintains a high level of competition in the market, while allowing smaller businesses the opportunity to compete and stay afloat.


Landlords provide housing stability

From the rise of interest rates to the general house price drop, UK landlords face a range of challenges. Indeed, 63% have said that it is harder to be a landlord than this time 12 months ago, and 59% have confirmed that they are looking to downsize their portfolios. This is at a time of increased tenant demand, with 73% of landlords seeing a rise over the past year.

All of this combined shows a major challenge for the UK’s housing market, with both buyers and tenants struggling to find a suitable place to stay.

There’s an apparent need for government support given the role of landlords in meeting housing demand and providing resident stability. They stand alone in the ability to cater for people at different life stages and with varying budgets.

Our research revealed that many landlords would like to expand their portfolios and cater to the diverse housing needs of local communities, even despite the increased difficulty of being a landlord in recent times.

Such rentals may be the only option for young people who want to relocate and work for local businesses but are put off by the high costs of home buying. This might also be the case for families looking to grow without the restriction of a fixed location and mortgage.


Landlords help maintain property markets

Landlords, especially portfolio landlords with several properties, act as a steady driver for the UK housing market.

Although many landlords are looking to downsize their portfolios, there still exists a significant portion that wants to continue buying more property to support the market and ensure adequate housing.

Not only does this provide more rental opportunities in the UK, it contributes to keeping the housing market functioning. Landlords with multiple properties, such as HMOs or portfolios, help keep the housing market moving by continuously buying up properties and renting them out.

Construction crane

Landlords take responsibility

Of course, the positive contribution landlords make depends on them taking  responsible management of their rental properties with most carrying out thorough tenant checks for confidence in letting their properties.

Responsible landlords will conduct regular inspections to identify health and safety issues, and they will have property maintenance work carried out by suitably qualified professionals for ongoing tenant satisfaction.

As long as such responsibilities are met, landlords will continue making a positive difference to local communities. This will hopefully make for wider recognition and help for landlords in meeting UK housing needs.


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