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To help you stay on top of some of the important dates your business needs to know for 2024, we’ve created this handy list. From tax returns to employee engagement days, get prepared for the next 12 months with this list of key dates for your calendar. 



Self-assessment deadline: 31 January

As a sole trader or someone that is self-employed, your self-assessment tax return is highly important. As such, you may be wondering: when is self-assessment due?

Missing the self-assessment deadline grants you an instant £100 penalty from HMRC. That’s even the case if you don’t owe any tax as part of your assessment – any delays in your assessment will result in a penalty.

This penalty is valid for three months; if your delay goes longer than that you can expect to pay more, with interest being applied on any late payments. Of course, there are cases where reasonable excuses can push back against the penalty but, for the most part, every business needs to know when their self-assessment is due.

In 2024, the UK’s self-assessment tax return deadline is set for Wednesday, January 31st for online returns.



Employee Appreciation Day: 1 March

On a less stressful note, it’s important to regularly recognise your employees for their contribution to your company’s success.

While many businesses opt to give their employees regular reminders about how much their work is appreciated, there is one day in the year when doing such a thing is nothing less of a requirement.

Employee Appreciation Day happens on the first Friday of every March. In the case of 2024, that also happens to be the very first day of March itself – a great opportunity to start the month on a high note.

The exact nature of Employee Appreciation Day is relatively self-explanatory. Though, exactly how your business does it is entirely up to you. Some venture out on teambuilding days to enable colleagues to connect with each other, while others simply use the day to go out and have some extracurricular fun with their teams.

However, if you wish to recognise your employees; just make sure this date is somewhere on your agenda.

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Spring Budget: 6 March

The 2024 Spring Budget is set to be delivered on the 6th of March 2024. During which, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer will set out the Government’s financial plans to be used throughout spring and summer.

Previous budget statements have included key information about where government money is due to be placed, and exactly how much. Depending on the Government’s plans, your business could be affected in either a positive or negative way, so it’s a good idea to tune in.


International Women’s Day: 8 March

Every year, people across the world gather to recognise and celebrate the contributions made by powerful, influential women.

Held every year on 8th March, International Women’s Day is a key date for every business’ calendar – providing them the opportunity to give some recognition to the female members of their workforce for all their efforts.

Why not hold a celebration ceremony that looks back at all the accomplishments made by the strong women in your business? It’s a great way of gathering everyone together and highlighting some great work.



End of tax year: 5 April

Tax is a timely obligation for accountants and self-employed business owners.

Tax years run from April to April, and therefore can have specific end dates that change as the years progress. In 2024, make sure you put a reminder in for 5th April, as this is when the tax year officially ends.

The next tax year then starts a day later, on 6th April, 2024.


Stress Awareness Month: April

As a means of promoting healthy stress management procedures, Stress Awareness Month serves to highlight the importance of managing stress levels, while giving people the tools they need to manage their own stress, wherever it comes from.

Given that stress and work often go hand in hand, it makes sense why a business should keep its eyes squarely on such a time of year to equip its employees with the tools needed to deal with stress. This can come in the form of regular check-ins with superiors or promoting a complete disconnect from work beyond designated hours.

Ever since its inception, April has been selected as the month of choice for Stress Awareness month. Make sure it’s noted down in your workers’ diaries and, if necessary, hold a check-in with your teams beforehand to ensure everything is in hand before it gets too late.


P60 deadline: 31 May

As is the case every year, this year’s deadline for submitting your employee’s P60 is set to the 31st May.



Self-assessment registration – paper returns: 31 October

While the online tax self-assessment deadline is set in January, for paper returns, the deadline is 31st October.


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