Coronavirus: Information for mortgage customers

The mortgage payment break scheme closed to new applications on 31 March 2021. All existing mortgage payment breaks must be taken by 31 July 2021.

If you’ve taken a payment break of less than 6 months you can apply for a further deferral up to and including your July 2021 payment - see examples below.

If you’ve taken a 6 month payment break and are worried about making your mortgage payments, we want you to know that we’re here support you.

Mortgage payment break support pages

Here you’ll find information about what to do at the end of your mortgage payment  break.

Before your mortgage payment break ends we’ll be in touch to let you know what happens next. We’ll write to you with the options available and how to make up your agreed missed payments.

Payment break examples:

  • If you’ve taken less than 6 months and your current mortgage payment break ends after 31 March, you can apply for a further deferral. If for example, you took a 3 month break covering February, March and April, you can request a further 3 months to cover May, June and July, as this will run concurrently.
  • If you’ve taken a mortgage break covering March, April and May for example, you are able to apply for a further deferral to cover your June and July payments only, as the scheme ends in July and we can’t accept any further agreed missed payments after this date.
  • If you took a payment break of less than 6 months, for example covering October, November and December and then started repaying your mortgage as normal, you can’t now apply for a further 3 months because these haven’t been taken concurrently.

If you’re worried about restarting your payments at the end of your mortgage break, we’re here to support you. We’ll work with you find a solution that’s right for you.

If you're a commercial mortgage customer you can find out more information here.

What you need to know

You will need to make up the payments later in your mortgage term, your monthly payments may increase and you’ll pay more interest overall.

About my credit rating

There shouldn’t be any impact on your credit rating during your mortgage break period. However, its important to understand that lenders may use information obtained from other sources, such as bank account information, in their future lending decisions.

If you can’t afford to start making your monthly payments at the end of your mortgage break, we’ll work with you to find a suitable solution. If you do enter an arrangement to make non or part payments for an agreed period, then we’ll be required to update your credit report to reflect this and it will show as missed payments on your file.

Do I need to set up a new Direct Debit or standing order?

If you've cancelled your Direct Debit or standing order during your payment break, you’ll need to set it up again now. If you took a further mortgage deferral, we’ll place your Direct Debit on hold, so no payments will be taken until we’ve agreed a repayment option with you. It’s really important to get your Direct Debit sorted as a missed payment can affect your credit rating.

If you need to restart your Direct Debit and your bank account is the same then call us on 0333 321 1000 and we’ll set up your Direct Debit. Or request a call back by email and we’ll call you.

If you’ve changed the bank account you want to pay your mortgage from (including changes like your name) then you’ll need to set up a new Direct Debit. Call us on 0333 321 1000 or fill in the Direct Debit form and post it back to us straight away. Information on where to send it is in the form.

We need to advise you that emails sent to and from Aldermore are not secure and could be accessed by an unauthorised person. Whilst we take appropriate measures to safeguard information you provide us, no email can ever be guaranteed secure.


Frequently asked questions

How to contact us

The best way to contact us at this time is by email or request a call backPlease check out our frequently asked questions above before contacting us, we’re updating these regularly with the questions our customers are asking us.

Subject to status. Your mortgage will be secured on your property.  Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments.