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We want to get finance flowing for businesses across the UK. That's why we've developed a range of finance products that are ideal for growing businesses.

Our financial products have helped us support over 56,000 businesses and lend £2.5 billion since 2009, which makes us one of the fastest growing banks in the UK.

Whether you want to purchase an asset, unlock cash tied up in invoices or bridge a finance gap.

Helping businesses like yours

Founded in 2009, Aldermore is a modern, legacy-free bank which challenges the established view of what banking should be. We deliver award-winning finance solutions to Britain’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), homeowners.

Read how we supported the financing of Harrogate Spring Water's latest venture; a state of the art new bottling facility.

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5 steps to more profitable imports

5 steps to more profitable construction contracts

Trade SuccessInternational trade is a very rewarding business, but it's not without its risks, and when importing from overseas the devil really is in the detail. Time pressures often mean that risks are overlooked and lessons are learned the hard (and expensive) way.

That's why we've put together our handy guide with 5 clear steps to making your imports more profitable.

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Construction SuccessFor contractors and sub-contractors in the construction sector, there’s no need to tie yourself in knots over the intricacies of your contracts. Our guide explains everything from understanding your contractual and financial obligations to managing your finances effectively, to help you make your projects as profitable as possible.  


Read more in our handy guide with 5 clear steps to making your contracts more profitable.

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Featured business finance products

Invoice Finance

Invoice Discounting

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Access our funding to help realise your growth ambitions by converting up your unpaid invoices into ready capital. 

Invoice Finance


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Factoring can help your business grow by giving you fast access to the working capital locked up in your unpaid invoices, with the added benefit of a credit control service to free up your valuable resources.