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A brilliant example of this comes from Mauveworx, a large family-run marketing materials manufacturer based in Dorset and a client of Aldermore. They have recently mobilised their resources to produce urgently needed PPE, to support the NHS in their fight against COVID-19. Their story epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking that we are proud to champion at Aldermore.

The Mauveworx leadership team was inspired to help produce PPE supplies when, at the beginning of the government lockdown, they were confronted with a need to scale down usual operations. Doing so would mean suspending much of their production line, and furloughing the majority of their 128 staff. Faced with this predicament, they saw an opportunity: to utilise their resources to help the NHS battle the coronavirus. 

Within a day, they had gathered their 3D designers, printers, and production team, and had created a prototype of a protective face shield that could be used by frontline workers. Next, they tested the prototype and acquired CE certification, before putting it into production just one week after the initial idea. This super-quick turnaround was key to the success of the project. In an interview with Sky News, Director Toby Martin emphasised the importance of ‘speed’ in their response, describing how hospitals are waiting too long for supplies to be delivered. ‘People need these masks now, and we’ve got them here, ready to go.’

The new face shield was designed to be as simple as possible, so that production could be quickly scaled up to meet the urgent demand. Amazingly, Mauveworx were able to manufacture 50,000 masks in just one week, and have now scaled up their production capacity even further, currently producing 100,000 shields a week.  As a result, stock is building up quickly and the key challenge now is to find those organisations that desperately need them, and get the available stock to them. 

After making first deliveries to Poole General Hospital, Dorset County Hospital and Bournemouth Hospital, the manufacturer is now continuing their effort to supply health-workers across the country with the protective equipment they need, whilst keeping their own staff in work.

David Sinclair, Aldermore Senior Relationship Manager, emphasises that “Aldermore are incredibly proud to provide the working capital funding to support Mauveworx. During the initial onset of COVID-19, they, like many, saw their business affected overnight. But with out-of-the-box thinking and a talented team they were able to not only diversify, but in doing so help frontline NHS workers…literally saving lives! Well done to all of the team.”

This story serves as an inspiration to us all in this time of crisis. These are such challenging times, but Mauveworx has shown that a willingness to adapt and diversify can transform difficult situations into new opportunities, to grow a business and help our communities.

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