We’ve reintroduced our level 2 and 3 mortgage products, helping more of your clients


Aldermore we’re feeling positive about the future and hopeful that the worst of the pandemic is firmly behind us. That’s why we recently boosted our product range, returning to sectors we withdrew from during the pandemic and increasing our appetite to lend across the market.

We’re ready to help you find specialist lending solutions for your clients, including those who’ve experienced credit problems.

Financial fallout

We’ve already seen an increase in demand for mortgages from clients who’ve experienced financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic. Many of those with previously robust finances could never have imagined or prepared for the last 18 months and we expect to see a continued rise in borrowers with less than perfect credit.

We know life experiences can have a huge impact on personal finances, from redundancy to bereavement, separation or illness. And we appreciate that people need time to get their finances back on track if they’ve been affected by a life-changing event.

We’ve updated our lending criteria

We don’t believe that anyone should be excluded from borrowing just because they’ve experienced a credit problem. That’s why we’ve reintroduced our level 2 and 3 products., so we can support even more borrowers.

When you apply, if your client’s application doesn’t fit our level one criteria, we’ll automatically cascade it to level two or three, based on their credit profile.

For example, on our level one products if a customer has a £4,000 unsatisfied Country Court Judgement they would not be accepted. However, this customer may be accepted on our level 2 products, if it was over 12 months ago. More severe Country Court Judgements would be considered on level 3, and only need to be over 6 months ago. 

Find out more

If your client has experienced some credit events, get in touch with us and we’ll try to find a way to help.

You can view our detailed criteria for level one, two and three in our criteria guide.

Jon Cooper

Head of Mortgage Distribution Residential Mortgages