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  • Human customer support

    Human underwriting

    We treat everyone as an individual, so we can see the real person behind every application.

  • Self-employed specialists

    We're here for your self-employed clients who need a lender who understands their complex income.

  • Adverse credit

    We can work with your clients who have impaired credit, be it missed loan payments, CCJS or DMPs.

  • High LTV available

    Up to 95% LTV across our residential level 1 and 2 mortgage range.

Products and rates - Key information

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Self-employed mortgage specialists

  • We can look at retained profits in your clients' business and use a share of net profit & salary when assessing affordability.
  • If your client has only 2 years' figures, we can use salary and dividend OR salary and share of profit after taxation when assessing income.
  • If your client's income has increased in the past year, we may be able to use these figures when assessing affordability, as long as their accountant can confirm that the income is sustainable.
  • If your client has less than 2 years' accounts, we still may be able to consider lending.
  • Our standard level 1 and level 2 are available up to 95% LTV and our level 3 is up to 80% LTV.
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Specialists in adverse credit

  • We'll consider your clients' who have been on CCJs as long as they were recorded over 12 months ago.
  • We allow up to a maximum of 2 missed loan payments in the past 2 years, as long as none have been missed during the last 3 months.
  • We can consider your clients who are on debt management plans providing they have been satisfactorily maintained for 12 months or more.
  • If your client has more significant credit blips, we still may be able to help, with level 3 mortgages up to 80% LTV.

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