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  • One application

    You can submit up to 30 buy to let properties of the same security type on one application.

  • Packaging and underwriting

    There’s one set of packaging requirements for the whole portfolio and one underwrite.

  • Expert team

    Our Relationship Managers and BDMs are experts on managing these types of buy to let applications and are always on hand to support you.


Submitting multi property buy to let portfolios on one application is ideal for individual and company landlords who want the convenience of managing their portfolio on one mortgage account.

  • One mortgage account, which means one Direct Debit payment and one maturity date for the whole portfolio.
  • One stress test and one combined LTV across all properties.
  • Free valuations on all standard properties.
  • Low fees. We have fixed fee, percentage, and no fee products on offer to choose from.
  • For limited companies, we charge per director, per application, rather than per property, which could reduce costs substantially.
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The details

  • All properties on the application must complete the same day
  • Multi property applications must comprise of two or more properties of the same type
  • Multi property applications cannot mix purchase and remortgage transactions on one application
  • When lending on 6 flats in a block, 6 or more properties in a street or postcode, it will be necessary to obtain a RICS Red Book Report which includes a single investment valuation
  • Properties can be released from the portfolio subject to any applicable ERCs. The portfolio will require re-weighting to ensure the original LTV, interest cover ratio, and any loan covenants continue to be met
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Multi property buy to let customer story

See how combining multiple properties on one application can help your clients.

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    For HMOs, limited companies, multi unit freehold and multi property applications. If you’ve already registered for our Commercial Mortgages Broker Portal, you can log in here.

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