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Criteria and documentation for intermediaries who wish to appoint their own conveyancer for specialist buy to let applications.


Intermediaries can appoint their own conveyancer for specialist buy to let applications, as long they’re registered with Lender Exchange and meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of two solicitors regulation authority approved managers or two Council for Licensed Conveyancers authorised managers  
  • Minimum professional indemnity insurance cover of £2m.
  • For applications above £2m, the conveyancer must at all times retain professional indemnity insurance cover which is adequate and appropriate for the practice, considering in particular the nature and value of the work they are undertaking
  • Solicitors must have conveyancing quality scheme accreditation  

If you’re a conveyancer who’s managing a specialist buy to let application with us, you’ll find all the documentation needed here.

Conveyancing documents

Aldermore Bank PLC Residential Mortgage Conditions PDF 26/02/2024
Conveyancing guide Guide 26/02/2024

England & Wales

Mortgage Deed Individual Borrower (England and Wales) Document 26/02/2024
Mortgage Deed Company Borrower (England and Wales) Document 26/02/2024
Personal Guarantee (England & Wales) Document 26/02/2024
All Assets Debenture (England and Wales) Document 26/02/2024
Deeds of Priority (England and Wales) Document 26/02/2024
Deed of Subordination - England and Wales Document 26/02/2024
Board Minutes (England and Wales) Document 13/09/2023
Notice to Landlord (England and Wales) Document 13/09/2023


Standard Security - Company Borrower (Scotland) Document 26/03/2024
Standard Security - Individual Borrower (Scotland) Document 26/02/2024
Floating Charge (Scotland) Document 26/02/2024
Personal Guarantee (Scotland) Document 26/02/2024
Deed of Subordination - Scotland Document 26/02/2024
Ranking Agreement (Scotland) Document 13/09/2023

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