Make your house a home for less with the Salvage Sister Charis Williams

Make your house a home with Charis Williams

Aldermore Bank has partnered with 'The Salvage Sister' Charis Williams to create free downloadable guides to help you decorate and furnish your first home in fun, creative ways that don't break the bank. 

Aldermore's latest First Time Buyer Index shows many struggle with the cost of becoming home owners, with a quarter saying the initial costs of decorating and repairs on a home were so high that they were unable to afford any furniture for months, leaving the home empty. In addition, a third spent over £3,000 on decorating and furnishing when they bought and 13% said it took years to afford to furnish and decorate their home the way they wanted it.

Charis is an interior design expert that has featured on such shows as Channel 4’s ‘Fill Your House for Free’, BBC1’s ‘Get the Builders in’, and ‘The New Reclaimers’ on UKTVhome. Charis also runs various workshops in Brighton teaching home owners about everything from power-tools and craft to woodwork, upcycling and welding, alongside posting step-by-step guides on her youtube channel.1

In the below guides, Charis has shared everything you need to know and all the trade secrets to help make your house a home on a budget.

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1. Introduction

2. Decorating

3. Thrifting

4. Power tools

5. Storage

6. Upcycling

1 Aldermore is not responsible for the content on the Salvage Sister website or the Salvage Sister YouTube channel.

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