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The Simply Lunch family
The Simply Lunch family

Simply Lunch provide delicious lunches to hungry workers up and down the country. They offer a range of fresh, locally sourced lunch options, which includes salads, sandwiches, fruits and platters all hand made and delivered directly to their customers’.

Terry Page, Chairman of Simply Lunch, started his business in a burger van 30 years ago and he has been on a journey ever since then. The business has now built itself a reputation as being a leading Food to Go manufacturer in the country.  To get some perspective on the scale of the operation, this year alone, they anticipate using half a million loafs of bread, 150 tonnes of cheese and 50 tonnes of tomatoes.

The family-owned business proves that mixing family and business can be a recipe for success.

Working with the family has it challenges, but we work well together Terry explained: “It’s simply fantastic! We have Julie, who runs the finance department. Jack, one of my sons who is the Sales Director, and William my youngest who is the Purchasing Manager. Then there is my eldest son, Sam, who is the CEO”.

Working with Aldermore

Aldermore have the ability to help Simply Lunch grow as Sam, CEO of Simply Lunch explains: “As a family, we have done well to turn it from a three million business, into £12 million enterprise. But with Aldermore’s support we are hoping to grow into a £30 million business”.  

Sam stresses the importance of having a financial partner who understands their business: “As the business grows, we need a financial partner, like Aldermore, to grow the business with us and understand the vision of where we want to be”.

At Aldermore, we pride ourselves on our human approach to our partners, which can make a big difference to businesses like Simply Lunch who are looking to grow their business.

“Over the years I have had so many dealings with banks. With Aldermore, they look outside of the box. They think outside the box. It is not just ticking boxes. They want to work for you. They spend the time with you. Their vision is the same as ours. That is how it works, and is how we have forged such a great partnership” Terry says.

Sam then goes on to explain the products that Aldermore have provided Simple Lunch to help aid their growth: “Aldermore have helped us in a number of ways. Whether that is Invoice Financing, Asset Financing and they have helped us finance vehicles and also machinery in the factory. It is this flexible approach to banking that has really helped the business to grow”.   

Terry Page is the Chairman and Sam Page is the CEO of Simply Lunch.

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