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Aldermore Reception
Aldermore Reception

Founded in May 2009, Aldermore has rapidly become one of the most relevant alternative banks; established with the primary intention of providing straightforward products, straight to you.

Who we are

Ever since its launch, Aldermore has consistently questioned the norms of what a bank should offer and how a bank can better support its customers. Aldermore serve Britain’s SMEs, homeowners and savers, offering simple and attractive financial products that meet the needs of customers who aren’t adequately served by traditional high street banks.

Aldermore’s lending capacity has grown dramatically since 2009 and it has quickly established itself as a multi-product, asset backed lender. The bank’s approach to lending provides customers the ability to find a product that suits them and their needs. In August 2017 Aldermore released half year results that reported deposits of over £7.3 billion, an increase of 10%. To keep up with this growth, in over 8 years Aldermore has expanded from about 50 to over 850 employees with 12 regional offices across the UK. After consistently launching new products and noting subsequent increases in lending and deposits, the bank reached a milestone in 2015 when it entered the FTSE 250 index and began trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Aldermore’s resources have expanded dramatically over the years, with the need to provide support to its growing client base and specialist lending offering. In addition to its numerous offices, personnel assist customers at their convenience on the phone and online, supporting a customer base that was last recorded at over 219,000.

The rapid increase in customers, services, total loans, deposits, assets and profits proves the desire for diversification in the British banking arena particularly when helping people build for the future.


What we do

Aldermore offer simple financial products and solutions to meet the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs); across their business and personal lives, as well as homeowners and savers.

We focus on specialist lending across four areas: Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, SME Commercial Mortgages and Residential Mortgages. Our lending activity is predominantly supported by the deposits we receive from Britain’s savers.

The Asset Finance and Invoice Finance businesses, launched shortly after Aldermore’s establishment in 2009, and are key to Aldermore’s offering. Particularly relevant among start-ups and growing SMEs, support through asset finance is vital in helping businesses reach their potential. Further key areas of focus for Aldermore include its Commercial Mortgages and Residential Mortgages segments. Together these four growing areas make up the heart of Aldermore’s lending. These segments are particularly important in the world today where SMEs can struggle to find products that are right for them among high street lenders and in assisting the average customer who may be wary of risk. Aldermore have helped lend £2.5 million since 2009 to support growing businesses across a multitude of sectors.

Aldermore Office

Aldermore also offers personal and business savings accounts, and owner-occupied mortgages andbuy-to-let mortgages direct to individuals as well as limited companies. Aldermore aims to offer total transparency around its products, taking a positive step towards improving the relationship between bank and customer and creating a better way of banking.

Why we work

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of Aldermore’s philosophy. It provides an alternative to the British banking landscape, one that’s focused on working towards the personal and business needs of SMEs. In February 2013 Aldermore became the first bank to give customers the opportunity to rate and review products. These are published online, completely unedited. Shortly afterwards in May 2013 Aldermore announced its first year of profitability.

Aldermore’s success for its clients has been consistent, having recently recorded its fourth year of profitability in 2016. In such a short space of time Aldermore has accumulated an array of awards, dating back to its launch. Most recently, in 2017, Aldermore won awards for its Fixed Rate Accounts, Business Savings Bank Accounts, Cash ISAs and for its service, and in addition received recognition as a top savings provider for large deposits.

Aldermore’s success can be accredited to its ethos, which over the years has remained as solid as it was on day one. Since its launch in 2009, its aims and values have remained the same, whilst the bank has grown stronger each year. In offering a modern alternative lender, without the hierarchy and infrastructure of the typical British banks, Aldermore continues to offer simple financial products to meet the needs of the customer. Plain and simple, just like banking should be.

Keep up to date

Keep up to date...

We’ve always done things differently at Aldermore and our new blog is no exception. Here we turn the spotlight on what’s going on in the world of finance, with our customers, and what we’ve been thinking about.

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