The two universities’ high demand for rental accommodation coupled with limited stock has created the perfect storm for investors looking to Oxford for buy to let opportunities.

Manchester is currently regarded as one of the top buy to let hotspots in the UK.

With an average yield of 6.4%, continued capital growth and multiple tenancy options, Edinburgh is a desirable location for landlords north and south of the border to invest in. 

London ranks in fourth place despite property prices increasing at 5.5% a year on average over the past decade. 

Making simple changes could reduce a business’s energy costs by 5%-10%, according to the Carbon Trust, yet many UK SMEs could be doing more to use less energy.

Norwich ranks as the fifth best place for landlords as it provides a good short term yield for landlords. However a slower increase in house prices means that it is not as attractive for longer-term investment.

Amidst an economy that has been shrouded in uncertainty for the past couple of years, there is evidence that conditions are getting tougher in the construction industry.

With wages under pressure and inflated consumer costs, these are tough times when it comes to putting aside money every month.

We caught up with Peter Birch, one of our Invoice Finance Relationship Managers, to discuss some of the key challenges in his job and the most rewarding parts of going that extra mile for his clients.  

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