Mobile now a key part of Christmas shopping

POSTED: 19th November 2014
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Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of life in the 21st century, so it is no surprise to learn they are now central to the Christmas shopping experience for most people.

9 out of 10 use mobiles for Christmas shopping, survey shows

According to a survey by Weve, a mobile marketing joint venture between EE, O2 and Vodafone UK, nearly nine out of ten consumers (88 per cent) used their smartphones for Christmas shopping last year. undefined

Four out of ten respondents (42 per cent) said they did more shopping on their mobile in 2013 than in the previous year.

The findings also showed that mobile shoppers spent an average of £245 each last Christmas, which equates to an industry worth £3.8 billion across the UK.

Weve said this figure "dramatically illustrates" the importance of smartphones for consumer planning and buying at this time of year, showing that the 2013 festive season was the first "truly mobile Christmas".

Nigel Clarkson, the group's commercial director, said: "The truth is that however big the 2013 mobile spree was, we are only just starting to see the real power of mobile, but the £245 figure surprised us and will give us a benchmark to check the increase in early 2015.

"One thing is certain: as the industry prepares for Christmas 2014, mobile Christmases are only going to get bigger and more sophisticated."

The research also found that seven out of ten consumers (70 per cent) used handheld devices to browse the internet for gift inspiration last year, while half (50 per cent) completed purchases. Two-thirds (64 per cent) used their phone to compare prices in-store.

Only one in five respondents (21 per cent) used mobile shopping apps, indicating that consumers prefer the "openness and flexibility" of the web when making buying decisions, according to Weve.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) recently released a report showing that development in technology is putting pressure on retailers to improve their customer service and cater for tech-savvy shoppers.

Companies are increasingly expected to deliver a high standard of personal service as well as on-the-spot technical advice, according to the UKCES.

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