Time for Chancellor to reward savers says Aldermore chief

POSTED: 3rd October 2013
IN: Personal News

Speaking ahead of today's speech by Chancellor George Osborne on the economy, Managing Director of Personal and Business Savings at Aldermore, Simon Healy said: "If the Government want a policy agenda, then they should look to help ordinary savers."

"For too long Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have been pushing policies to help stimulate the housing market, yet ignoring entirely the peril of savers. 

"Whilst there are a whole raft of measures in place to protect those who use credit, those who have been sensible and tried to save earnestly are falling victim to policies from the Government and unscrupulous banks. 

"The government should clamp down on banks that profiteer and use misleading sales techniques on customers by ensuring a truly fair and transparent market for banks to adhere to. 

"This is something that Aldermore already guarantees, but I believe it will be the interest of all savers if we are to see a flourishing savings market with appropriate safeguards in place."

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