The benefits of organising your finances

POSTED: 21st February 2013
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It's easy to lose track of your finances but without keeping a close eye on your monthly incomings and outgoings, you could fail to make the most of your money.

undefinedFrom finding the best rates on household utilities to opening a savings account with a great rate, there is plenty you can do to ensure your money is working hard for you.

Organising your finances is vital for good money management, so start today by sorting through the paperwork and filing it so it is on hand when you need it.

It may seem like relying on one current account is enough to keep you afloat but a cash savvy individual will ensure they are saving each month.

So starting now, set up a direct debit from your current account into a savings account to ensure you build up a substantial pot that can help with a range of expenses.

How much you invest in the savings account is up to you, but consider this direct debit as at least as important as that set up for household bills.

Don't delay in investing in important protection products like life insurance and income protection insurance as these can help keep your family and you stay afloat should you suffer a sudden loss of income due to illness or injury.

It won't take up much time to find the best policy for your needs but the advantages would be considerable in the event you need to make a claim.

Financial organisation is also about preparing for the future. There is no time like the present to begin thinking about retirement, so ask your workplace what its policy is.

Automatic enrolment, for instance, was launched last year and it requires businesses to automatically enrol their employees in a workplace pension plan.

Employees have the choice to opt out of the scheme but it is worth remembering the employer will make a contribution too, which all works to your advantage.

Once you have your finances in order, you can begin thinking ahead about mortgages, investments and holidays - all of which need considerable consideration. 

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