Personal Mortgages - Sarah's story

Sarah, aged 30, was made redundant and was out of work for 18 months. After securing a stable job again, Sarah was sensibly looking to get her finances straight as soon as possible. She had balances on several credit cards that had understandably increased whilst she was looking for work and she wanted to refinance these.

undefinedThrough no fault of her own, she had also been in arrears on her mortgage. Although Sarah had wisely taken out a payment protection policy on her mortgage, a payment arrived too late one month to meet her mortgage.

With every penny accounted for she'd been unable to make up the arrears while she was unemployed. Now Sarah was back in work her arrears were cleared but her broker still found it difficult to find her remortgage due to credit score fails. We were happy to help. We used an experienced underwriter to carefully look at her case on individual merit and without credit scoring.

The remortgage has helped Sarah put her finances back in order and she can focus on her new job without worrying about the past.

How Sarah's mortgage looks:
Property price value £170,000
Mortgage amount £102,000
Loan to value 60%


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