Personal Mortgages - Ben's story

Ben was in the Army for 12 years and never had his name on the electoral role. But when he became employed as a police officer he was keen to get on the property ladder.

undefinedBen went straight from the Army into the police force, where he'd been employed for 5 years. After a life living in barracks and Army camps all over the world, Ben was keen to settle down and find a place he could call home.

He was earning a salary of £28,000 after allowances and, having had few living expenses of his own while in the Army, he'd managed to save £30,000 as a deposit. His broker approached several high street lenders for a mortgage but without success. Ben's credit score was impaired because he was not on the electoral roll. Also, because of his service outside the UK and unpredictable shift patterns, he'd missed a few small payments on his mobile phone and credit card.

We took a sensible underwriting approach, considering Ben's current stable employment and otherwise sound credit profile. Credit scoring was not used and we were able to offer him a mortgage.

How Ben's mortgage looks:
Property price value £150,000
Mortgage amount £120,000
Loan to value 80%

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