Aldermore’s Head of Corporate Affairs explains the thought behind the Bank’s new branding

POSTED: 13th July 2014
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A week after the launch of Aldermore’s new look, the Bank’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Holly Marshall, explains what inspired the change.


“We’re always looking to evolve our brand,” comments Marshall. “What we’ve done recently is an example of just that; it’s taking what we’ve built already and looking at ways we can refresh and improve.”

In fact, Marshall sees the new visual identity as a chance to make Aldermore’s principles shine through every time customers come into contact with the Bank.

“For us it comes back to our personality, so we want to apply our tone of voice to all our communications,” Marshall confirms. “The main changes we’ve looked to make is capitalising on our heritage, our Britishness, but applying that heritage in a much more clever way. So that’s using colours that represent Britain;, we’ve got Routemaster red, we’ve got Cornish slate, we’ve got Channel blue. We’ve also looked towards imagery to represent our Britishness, so on our website you’ll see iconic images of Britain.”

This sense of British pride also has a role to play in the way Aldermore speaks to the Bank’s community of homebuyers, savers and SMEs, states Marshall, who feels that the UK public can relate to Aldermore’s refreshing attitude.

“We want to set ourselves apart from others and the way we do that is by communicating in a way that brings that irreverently British personality to life. We are very restrained but we’re not too distant, not too formal, so being British isn’t about being frosty,” Marshall elaborates, adding, “We also recognise that humour can be a powerful asset, especially when it’s sort of unexpected, but ours is delivered in a way that’s an intelligent wit, not cheap one-liners.”

Though it has only been a week since the new brand launched, Marshall has already been impressed by the reaction from both the Aldermore team and the Bank’s wider community.

“The general feeling from our people is that it’s a really welcome move and they want to see more of it,” Marshall mentions. “Staff are particularly excited about seeing things like new visuals, which have gone up in our offices.”

Beyond the Aldermore team, Marshall has also been glad to hear from others who share the Bank’s vision.

“One of the things we’re looking to do at Aldermore is build a bank that we’re extremely proud of, and that comes from not just our people but others that we’ve talked to. They are very proud of what we’re building at Aldermore because it’s different and refreshing,” Marshall concludes.

Aldermore always welcomes feedback on any area of the Bank’s service from its online community of supporters; get in touch via Twitter or Facebook to share your thoughts on the Bank’s new look.

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