Who made 2013 for you?

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In just five short years, the Bank has progressed to the point where chief executive Phillip Monks can proclaim Aldermore has outgrown the challenger bank label, and now it’s time to give something back.

undefinedAldermore surpassed a number of major milestones in 2013, with the Bank growing its services to support a greater number of SMEs, savers and homebuyers than ever before. As a mark of gratitude, this Thursday the 1st May will see Aldermore celebrate, ‘People who made 2013’: taking a day to recognise everyone who made last year’s achievements possible.

On this day, the Bank will release Aldermore’s ‘People who made 2013’ tree: a graphic thanking the Bank’s 50 most supportive Twitter followers for the role they’ve played in enabling the Bank to grow over the course of the year.

Now, Aldermore is inviting the rest of the Twitter community to take this a step further and create a ‘People who made 2013’ tree of their own. This is an opportunity to give something back to all those who shaped 2013 for you, no matter what form their input may have taken.

Is there a small business you believe really epitomised the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit in 2013? Did a certain support body’s actions help you reach a business goal, or a broker’s efforts allow you to purchase the perfect home? Send in your nominations via Twitter, and the team will dedicate a leaf on the Bank’s giant tree graphic to each Twitter user mentioned.

Aldermore will be sharing live updates on the activity throughout the day as the foliage takes shape, paying tribute to the rich variety of individuals and businesses who made 2013 a year for Great Britain to be proud of.


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