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2013 saw Aldermore’s customer base grow significantly, with the Bank able to extend its financial services to an ever-expanding number of British businesses and consumers, and now Aldermore is celebrating all those who made this achievement possible.

As the Bank’s recently published Annual Results outline, Aldermore saw considerable progress in 2013, meeting the financial needs of 136,000 retail and SME customers.

Over the course of the year, lending to SMEs grew 53 per cent to £1.69 billion, as homeowner lending rose 76 per cent and customer deposits also increased 61 per cent. While Aldermore is incredibly proud of these figures, what really matters is what they signify for the Bank’s customers: that Aldermore has been able to help a much larger group of homebuyers, savers and SMEs achieve their financial ambitions.

Of course, Aldermore would not have been able to serve this many new banking customers without the help of a committed group of individuals, businesses and organisations on Twitter.

This group of invaluable supporters has enabled Aldermore’s message to travel further as the Bank championed the needs of all those seeking finance or putting away savings to invest in their future. Aldermore is truly grateful for this input, and as a mark of gratitude, has created the following graphic showing the 50 Twitter users who have made 2013 for Aldermore.

From small business support bodies to key political figures and industry reporters, each of these commentators are helping the Bank usher in a new era of more personal, responsible and transparent banking. Aldermore extends its thanks to all those featured, and hopes to continue to work with these committed users in 2014 and beyond to allow even more SMEs and personal banking customers to pursue their financial goals


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