Aldermore celebrates five years of supporting the nation’s homeowners, savers and SMEs

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Since opening its doors in 2009, Aldermore has progressed from a newly-launched alternative provider to an established bank with a growing presence in the UK, and now the Bank is taking the time to look back on what it has achieved in the last five years.

Aldermore set out to support homebuyers, savers and SMEs by providing a transparent, personal and straightforward alternative to the traditional banks. The Aldermore name stems from the Alder tree, one of the UK’s most resilient native species, and in the spirit of its namesake, the Bank has gone from strength to strength, despite a challenging economic environment. In 2013 , Aldermore increased total lending to homeowners to £1.7 billion, an increase of 76 per cent on the previous year, allowing a greater number of families and individuals to purchase their new home.

Similarly, total SME lending increased 53 per cent to £1.7 billion as Aldermore supported the ambitions of the UK’s driven entrepreneurs, and customer deposits grew 61 per cent to £3.4 billion, as the Bank helped British businesses and consumers save for their future.


In celebration of the landmarks Aldermore has surpassed in the last five years, the Bank has sent a personalised coaster to a selection of the homebuyers, businesses and savers who have played a part in the Bank’s development. Designed to resemble the trunk of an Alder tree, each coaster has five rings to mark each of the five years Aldermore has been in business. Of course, for Aldermore, this is just the beginning of the story. Aldermore has its sights set on the future, looking to enable even more UK consumers and SMEs to achieve their goals in 2014 and beyond.


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