Aldermore gets behind the UK’s first ever Small Business Saturday UK

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Aldermore is delighted to have the opportunity to support the UK's first ever Small Business Saturday; the US initiative encouraging the public to pay a visit to valuable local businesses during the festive shopping season.

Launched in 2010, last year's US scheme generated over £3.5 billion worth of sales for America's SME community with President Obama himself visiting independent stores and promoting the event. An even more encouraging sign is the fact that the one day event also led to a noticeable increase in long-term custom for smaller businesses as consumers were made aware of the key role SMEs play in creating employment and driving growth.
Three years later, Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna has initiated a movement to bring this worthwhile campaign across the Atlantic in aid of Great Britain's 4.8 million SMEs, which make up 99.9 per cent of all private sector businesses. Alongside Chuka Umunna, the campaign has already gained a number of high profile advocates including Ingenious Britain, the British Chambers of Commerce, Prime Minister David Cameron and entrepreneur James Caan.

Due to take place on 7th December, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Small Business Saturday welcomes the UK population to take to the streets to spend their Christmas budgets in the nation's independent shops. Local councils have been urged to waive parking fees for the event, which will also include a tour visiting selected retailers on the day itself. Of course, the beneficial effect of this push for small retailers will also be passed on to the many SME manufacturers and service firms that supply them.

For the campaign to have maximum impact though, it's vital that organisations like Aldermore help spread the word to ensure the UK public understand what the campaign means for the UK economy. Aldermore have already taken part in a live Google Hangout discussion with Chukka Umunna to boost awareness for Small Business Saturday, and will be championing the scheme throughout the next few months to encourage the online community to get involved. 

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