Aldermore becomes first UK bank to offer ratings and reviews service

POSTED: 26th February 2013
IN: General

Since its launch in 2009, Aldermore has had an on-going commitment to offer businesses a transparent and clear alternative to traditional financial institutions.

This month, the Bank continues this promise as it becomes the first bank in the United Kingdom to give its customers the opportunity to rate and review its services and products, as well as launching Ask & Answer, with 'stories' soon to follow.

Visitors to the Aldermore website will now be able to rate the Bank on a number of key criteria, including the level of service, ease of opening an account and simplicity of dealing with customer service. This ratings and reviews system underlines the bank's commitment to developing closer communication links with customers. 

With the system, each consumer's thoughts are publically displayed alongside Aldermore's products on the website. In the name of impartiality, these ratings and reviews are entirely independent and unedited, providing visitors with an unbiased view of how customers see the Bank.

Through this process, the ratings and reviews system will not only enable Aldermore to convey an honest view of the Bank's services, but also identify any improvements that could be made in future. Alongside results from our Lift the Lid survey, this information will be used to guide the Bank's services, ensuring Aldermore continue to meet the changing needs of UK consumers and SMEs.

To date, the Bank has been delighted with the enthusiastic initial response to this innovative scheme, having already received feedback from a variety of current customers. As the initiative continues, Aldermore hopes to see this relationship between the bank and its clients grow, bringing with it a new era of more approachable banking.

We're shaking up British banking.

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