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2012 proved to be an incredibly successful year in Aldermore's mission to shake up British banking. But, as we move forward in 2013, the Bank is aiming to make even greater progress over the coming year.

"Aldermore has had a fantastic year in 2012, achieving over £2 billion in savings balances and £1 billion in lending to UK SMEs" enthuses Simon Healy, Aldermore's Managing Director for Savings. "We've built a reputation for reliably delivering expert products and services that really meet the needs of our customers and in 2013 it's more of the same."

Among the major developments Aldermore hopes to drive within the banking industry in 2013, the need for a more transparent, equitable service is one of the most important. As a result, Aldermore has pledged to maintain a relationship with the Bank's customer in order to continuously improve its products and services. Simon Healy comments:

"We'll be talking to our customers and making sure we can continue to deliver innovative ways to meet the challenges they face."

In 2013, Aldermore has also pledged its continued support for government initiatives designed to re-stimulate the small business economy within Great Britain.

"The Government launched the Funding for Lending scheme earlier this year," explains Healy, remarking, "That started to show signs of growth and certainly Aldermore are proud to be part of that scheme and extending loans to UK businesses."

Having contributed a significant 46 per cent of all certified lending agreements made through the Scheme, Aldermore can certainly testify to the demand for financial aid within the SME community. It is our aim that, in 2013, Aldermore will provide even more British businesses with the finance and services they deserve and require. We're shaking up British banking.

You can read more about our plans for 2013 on our Twitter feed @aldermorebank.

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