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“The research that we did actually validated everything we’ve ever heard from individual SMEs so there were really no surprises in there.”

Simon Healy, Managing Director of Savings at Aldermore, reflects on the results from the Aldermore/YouGov study, a document which reveals how much value SME owners place on their existing banking relationship. For Simon, the study, which interviewed 508 small business founders, directors and owners, did not throw up many surprises.

"It identified that businesses are not happy with the services they get in respect to their business savings, and that's led actually to a level of disengagement."

Simon's role at Aldermore necessitates a close relationship with the SME community across the United Kingdom. Over 1,7000 new business savers have joined the bank over the past six months and it's Simon's responsibility to listen to the feedback and viewpoints from customers;

"For me, and for all of us at the bank, our belief is that the only way you can truly champion your customers is to really understand their needs and their desires and what they're looking for from a business.

"The aim of this research was really just to make sure we had a granular understanding of what they were looking for so that when we built it, and we built something here from scratch, so that when we built products, it would be exactly what they were looking for. "

Since its launch in 2009, Aldermore has placed its customers at the heart of its business model. Making sure the results from this survey are fed back into product development is, states Simon, crucial to continuing the bank's commitment to SMEs.

 "What we're looking to do is really ensure that our expertise is leveraged to the full in delivering straightforward and dynamic products," he states. "Our aim at Aldermore is that we champion the customers that do business with us.

"Our research-led approach is something we're planning on leveraging into 2013 and indeed beyond," he concludes. 

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