Aldermore welcomes Mark Robson to the team

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In September, Aldermore welcomed Mark Robson to its team. Mark, 31, joins us as head of strategy and is responsible for the bank’s market expansion and strategic direction.

Mark took time out of his busy day to discuss his new role at Aldermore. You can listen to the audio clip of the interview below.

Speaking to the Aldermore blog, Mark said:

"For me, Aldermore is a very attractive proposition because it has a very straightforward strategy. It effectively raises deposits from British savers using very straightforward and easy to use direct internet-based savings accounts which pay very attractive interest rates. It raises this money and then lends them out to SME's across Great Britain."

Mark also discussed Aldermore's personal approach to banking, pointing out that the bank offered customers services and products which were tailored to their individual needs. He commented:

"I think a lot of SME's are disgruntled and not wholly served by the banks that they tend to do day-to-day business with. Aldermore has a fantastic opportunity, given its growth trajectory, to be able to meet these diverse needs using a personal service whereby we really understand that industry and the needs of these SME's. 

"But, by also offering the right kind of products and tailoring the solutions to them, we continually review (we're going to think quite carefully about) the needs of the customers and offer a solution that really allows them to grow and to manage their cash flows. "

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