EEF Awards win solidifies Loma Systems’ position as a manufacturing thought leader

POSTED: 6th January 2015
IN: Industry news

Almost ten months after picking up the EEF Future Manufacturing Award for Operating Practices and Processes, Loma Systems’ Global Marketing Manager James Chrismas discusses the impact of the win with Aldermore.

undefined“Winning this EEF Award has really helped us springboard our position as an opinion leader, not just in our industry, but as a national winner of manufacturing excellence,” he comments.

Despite facing strong competition in the category from renowned companies, it was the food industry equipment manufacturer’s simple, effective approach and commitment to quality that most impressed the judges at the 2013 Awards.

“When developing a new process, repeatability is key,” confirmed Paul Tranter, Chief Executive of the category sponsors Pera Technology. “This was something that was fully understood by Loma Systems, who are now reaping the benefits across their businesses.”

Loma won the award for introducing a suite of easily replicable systems labelled the ‘Toolbox’, which have helped the business make great strides towards improving efficiency. Tools within this approach included supplier scorecards, an employee engagement plan and the Pareto Principle, which helps companies identify the most profitable elements in their mix of business activities.

“We have won several industry awards for our products before, but the EEF Award recognised nationally our innovative manufacturing processes, which is a great achievement,” acknowledges Chrismas.

Loma’s ‘Toolbox’ model allowed the firm to greatly reduce engineer response times at its customer sites, from 40 to 25 hours. Alongside transparent self-monitoring systems and decision-making processes, this has given employees a renewed sense of drive, leading to increased employee retention.

“Winning an EEF Award has not only been fantastic for our business, helping us to raise our profile within our own industry, but also it gave a real boost to our staff as recognition for their continued dedication and hard work,” reports Chrismas.

Beyond employee motivation, the Toolbox approach also allowed the 45-year old manufacturer to reduce manufacturing times, boost sales and increase profitability, with the firm doubling its variable margin. For Loma though, the transformation is far from complete, as the company is constantly striving to add new technologies and developments to its product range in order to cater to any application within the food industry.

For Aldermore, it is this continued commitment to innovation and improvement that really sets Britain’s manufacturers aside from the competition, earning the nation a reputation for quality production. As a sign of support for this vital sector of the economy, the Bank has become the headline sponsor for the 2014 EEF Future Manufacturing Awards, with the first round of judging currently underway.

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