BBC's Top Gear highlights UK vehicle manufacturing industry

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This weekend, BBC entertainment programme Top Gear paid tribute to the UK's vehicle manufacturing industry with a segment celebrating cars, buses and motorbikes made across Britain.

The clip, which you can view below, highlighted the extent of the vehicle manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom, showcasing the rich variety of the sector by gathering a number of UK-made vehicles together for a parade down London's Pall Mall.

"A lot of people say that today, Britain is nothing more than a bank, or a boutique…but looking at that staggering collection [of vehicles], I'm not sure they're right," said host Jeremy Clarkson.

"We're always being told that Britain's manufacturing industry is dead and that we don't make anything anymore," he continued. "It turns out, we do."

The programme revealed a number of statistics to demonstrate the extent of vehicle manufacturing in the United Kingdom, highlighting that a new car rolls off a production line in the UK every twenty seconds. Indeed, 131,586 vehicles were built in June.

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, released last month, said that the number of cars built in Britain grew by 4.6 per cent in the second quarter of the year.

"Our industry is building and developing innovative, high-quality products that appeal to a global customer base and because of this, independent analysts are confident that car output will grow in the long-term despite economic concerns," said a spokesperson from the SMMT.

The segment on Top Gear followed results from the latest SME Trends Survey from the CBI, revealing that, while output continued to fall, optimism was growing in the UK manufacturing industry. In the survey of small businesses in the sector, 30 per cent of firms reported an increase in orders, while 9 per cent expected growth in new overs over the next quarter. rose 9 per cent.

"Firms expect demand to improve both at home and abroad," said Anna Leach, CBI Head of Economic Analysis. "Optimism about the general business situation has risen for the first time since spring last year."

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