How can growing British businesses achieve scale-up success?

POSTED: 10th December 2015
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Scale-ups have the potential to contribute up to £225bn to UK GDP and create 150,000 new jobs by 2034.

Ever since the release of last year’s Scale-Up Report, a greater emphasis has been put on the potential scale-up companies have.. The report, which based its findings on an analysis of 50 scale-up programmes piloted in 20 different countries, found that with the right support, scale-ups could contribute up to £225bn to the UK economy by 2034, creating 150,000 new jobs in the process.

The report also highlighted a number of factors that are also holding Britain’s start-ups back, making it increasingly difficult for them to achieve success in scaling-up. According to the report, businesses are facing five main issues when it comes to scaling-up. In the coming weeks we will be addressing each of these issues, speaking to businesses that have achieved scale-up success to find out how they overcame these hurdles.

  •          Finding employees with the right skills
  •          Building their leadership capability
  •          Accessing the right infrastructure
  •          Accessing new customers in domestic and overseas markets
  •          Accessing the right combination of finance

The below infographic delves deeper into the current scale-up landscape in the UK, looking at which areas and industries are seeing the biggest successes, and what areas they need support in.

Aldermore offer a range of alternative business finance solutions which can be used to achieve scale-up success.

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