#BuddingBusinesses: Ground-breaking inventions from UK start-ups

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Aldermore celebrates six UK start-ups whose innovative inventions are getting them noticed across the globe.

undefinedThough they don’t have the same access to resources and funding as their larger counterparts, some fresh-thinking budding businesses are still managing to break the mould to deliver innovative new products and services. Aldermore takes a look at six British start-ups whose inventions have the potential to overcome challenges faced around the world, from simple everyday problems to profound global issues.

Cobalt Light

Formed in 2008, Oxford-based Cobalt Light Systems develop technology to analyse and accurately identify materials through opaque barriers, most commonly used in airport security procedures to rapidly detect potentially dangerous substances stored within luggage. 


Brighton design student Emily Brooke designed the Laserlight as her final year project, and has since turned the invention into a business through fledgling company Blaze. The Laserlight bike light addresses safety concerns by projecting an image of a bicycle onto the road six metres in front of the cyclist, as a more effective way to alert motorists to their presence.


Working in the music industry, what3words co-founder Chris Sheldrick noticed that the artists he managed bookings for often failed to locate venues thanks to confusing street addresses and inaccurate geocode listings. Along with co-founder Jack Waley-Cohen, he decided to devise a new, more consistent address system, assigning a unique three-word code to each three metre by three metre space across the planet. Users can share these memorable codes with others, who can then use the What3words app to easily navigate to the exact location, including remote areas without a traditional address.

Mom Incubators

Mom Incubators is the brainchild of Loughborough University graduate James Roberts. Having learned that 75 per cent of premature baby deaths within refugee camps are due to a lack of incubation, the young entrepreneur developed a pop-up incubator that can be built and delivered for a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Powered Now

Understanding that small businesses often struggle with the paperwork required to manage their payments, Chris Barling, Benjamin Dyer and Zoltan Magyar founded Powered Now, an app using simple templates to help tradesmen manage invoices, quotations and appointments on the go.


Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life for many Brits, so unforeseen damage can cause a great deal of inconvenience. Noticing this, Reviveaphone founder Oliver Murphy had the ingenious idea of producing chemical repair kits which remove corrosive minerals from water-damaged mobiles to restore normal function within 24 hours.

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