Start-up Stories: Bestowed Kitchen begins the year with a new lease of life

POSTED: 28th January 2015
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Bestowed Kitchen co-founder Jeremy Wood explains why the young business is starting 2015 on an optimistic note.

undefinedHaving put his Christmas break to good use, balancing family time with commitments for the business, he has made good progress on a number of tasks and is looking forward to a successful year for Bestowed Kitchen.

“It’s really exciting, it’s going to be great to see all that come together,” admits Wood. “It’s a case of ‘New Year, new projects’ and an upgraded version of the business.”

Alongside conquering his first tax return, the young entrepreneur made strides on creating a website for his catering start-up during the festive period.

“I spent quite a bit of time working on the website,” he explains, elaborating, “It took me quite a while to come up with a skeleton for the site and even though I found a really good website building tool, you can’t do everything you want to do on it unless you know code. Luckily, the internet is an amazing source for that, so I did incorporate some elements.”

Wood’s good fortune was about to continue, as a friend then offered the entrepreneur a promising opportunity.

“I met with a friend of mine who’s a really good designer to discuss improving the branding and he’s offered to redo the website, taking what I’ve done as a basis,” he reports. “He’ll be able to take it to the next level in a way I wouldn’t, and quite quickly too. He’s been very generous to offer to do that at a reduced rate. He’ll also be upgrading the branding for us with a new logo, a colour palette and consistent fonts to use. It will make everything look standardised and more professional.”

Wood hopes this new, enhanced branding will be ready in time to strengthen his marketing plans for the two-week pop-up cafe Bestowed Kitchen will be running in March.

“I wanted things like the logo in place for the beginning of that campaign in early February,” he states. “I’m working on a six-week lead-in, hopefully with the website launch as part of the campaign for the popup. There will be an advert in a local magazine, announcements across social media and on listings sites, press releases, and hopefully a launch night event.”

Beyond marketing, Wood also has a whole host of other tasks to complete in order to ensure the pop-up in March is a success.

“Staffing is a big thing, which I was talking to Chris from Chris Kitch about for advice this morning,” he relates. “At peak times we’ll probably need three or four staff so we’re thinking about whether we get friends in or get people with experience. Paying staff means quite a lot of upfront cost, but the money we would save by asking friends for favours might not be worth it if we can’t provide great service.  We’ve noticed how often we come across bad customer service from places we visit in our free time and it makes such a difference to the experience, particularly for the food industry.”

Finally, the eager business owner shares his vision for the rest of 2015, concluding:

“We’ll be pushing on from there and looking to get the future nailed down, with a more defined direction and a business plan beyond the popup. We may not be able to get a bricks and mortar place before the end of the year, but I’d like to be on the way to achieving that.”

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