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POSTED: 10th September 2014
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The UK’s entrepreneurs are undoubtedly some of the hardest working members of the econom, with micro business leaders putting in 52 hours per week on average according to call-handling service provider Penelope.

undefinedWhile these dedicated individuals may appreciate the benefits of being their own boss, The Open University Business School finds 41 per cent cite longer working hours as the biggest drawback to running their own business.

In order to help these committed Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) owners achieve more in a shorter space of time, Aldermore highlights the best digital tools to boost business efficiency.

Accessible file storage
With small business leaders regularly having to rush between meetings with clients and suppliers, it’s important to have remote access to the right information. Cloud storage options offer a more convenient way to transfer and file documents in the cloud, so various members of the business can check information on the go, and also provide a vital backup source in case of any computer failures.

Social media management
Social media presents SMEs with a strong opportunity to interact with prospective and existing customers and gain recognition for their brand, but managing multiple accounts can be surprisingly time-consuming. Content management tools allows entrepreneurs to bring all their networks together into one central control panel, for a simpler way to monitor conversations and schedule updates.

There are now many affordable online accounting tools developed specifically for those without an accounting background. These simplify the book-keeping process, featuring functions to help businesses compose estimates, expense sheets and invoices and to check incoming and outgoing payments.

Time management tools
It can be difficult for SME owners to realise which tasks are causing the largest drain on their precious time. Time management tools aim to overcome this challenge, creating an easier way to keep track of how many hours are dedicated to each task so entrepreneurs can identify where they could be making changes to boost efficiency.

Website development
An online presence is vital for small businesses looking to raise brand awareness and ensure potential customers know how to get in touch, but for those without coding and design skills, creating a website can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are now a variety of content management systems that rely on intuitive visual editing modes and offer plentiful pre-made templates and additional plugins.

Aldermore welcomes suggestions on Twitter if there are any other digital tools which have proven particularly helpful for your business.

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