Aldermore launches ‘Start-up Stories’ blog series with Bestowed Kitchen

POSTED: 13th June 2014
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To gain a first-hand view of what life is like for UK start-ups, Aldermore is launching a new Start-up Stories blog series this month, following fledgling East London food business Bestowed Kitchen on its journey to growth.

undefinedFounded two months ago, Bestowed Kitchen is owner Jeremy Wood’s way of sharing his passion for food with his local community in Walthamstow, with every dish served from the business’ market stall made using quality, often locally-sourced ingredients.

“I even make the chutneys and the mustard that we put in the sandwiches,” says Wood, who runs Bestowed Kitchen with girlfriend Sabrina and named the business as a play on Walthamstow’s ‘The Stow’ nickname and the edible gifts it aims to bring to the area. Each month, Aldermore will be catching up with Wood and publishing a blog update on the latest developments for Bestowed Kitchen, highlighting the triumphs and challenges faced by growing UK small businesses.

To kick off the series, this week Aldermore asked Wood to share the story of how Bestowed Kitchen came to exist, and what inspired Wood to become an entrepreneur. “Food’s just become really a sort of obsession for me and especially in the last eighteen months I felt I couldn’t ignore that any longer,” admits Jeremy Wood, who states he has been toying with the idea of starting his own food business for the past decade.

Having attended a number of specialist business workshops focussed on the food industry and seeing the appetite for new offerings in the up-and-coming Walthamstow area, Wood finally decided the time was right to pursue his dream. “In the last couple of months it’s taken off quite fast in a really positive way,” Wood is glad to report. In particular, the enterprising food lover credits this early success to the partnerships he’s forged with other local businesses, including yarn shop Abstract, which hoped to boost footfall with a food offering, and the E17 Arts Trail.

“It’s those collaborations that really have been important and that have enabled us to grow and have a bigger platform really,” Wood comments. In fact, aside from how physically demanding it can be to spend consecutive sixteen hour days in the kitchen, and the logistical challenges of storing and transporting supplies as a lean start-up operating from home, the Chriskitch. Impressed that Honor was willing to take time out to talk to him during a busy weekend shift in his restaurant, Wood has spent the last three months shadowing the experienced chef in his kitchen, gaining both professional cooking experience and business advice.

By grabbing hold of learning opportunities like this, Wood hopes to take Bestowed Kitchen beyond the marketplace in the near future, expanding his repertoire through catering events. “Longer term we are starting to think about a more permanent site,” he concludes, “Maybe a café-deli, that sort of thing.” Aldermore wishes Wood all the best in pursuing these goals for the business, and will be sharing news on the next chapter in Bestowed Kitchen’s Start-up Story next month.

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