Preparing for the great British summer: Will a deluge affect your business?

POSTED: 14th June 2013
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If you run a seasonal business, it is vital you take steps to protect vital potential revenue from the vagaries of the British summer.

undefinedWill a deluge affect your business?

An extended deluge of rain and cold weather can ruin the summer for UK businesses as well as the rest of us looking to enjoy some welcome sunshine after the longest winter for 60 years.

Is your business dependent on good weather?

If you run a business such as a gift shop near the beach, a sports club, an outdoor catering business or an outdoor events firm, then a wet summer can be a serious problem.

Many firms rely on the summer period to maximise their income and if the weather is poor it can mean less business.

How can you insure against the poor weather?

One strategy is to leave it late to order stock. There is no point in getting stock in that will not be used if the weather over the summer is poor.

By carefully monitoring stock levels and keeping a close eye on the weather and demand as well as maintaining flexible arrangements with key suppliers, you can ensure you only have stock levels in that are relevant to the demand based on the weather.

Don’t pay in advance

If you run an events company or your business attends summer festivals and events, future bookings could be impacted by the weather. So don’t pay for stalls or events in advance. Leave it until you are sure the event will not be adversely affected by the weather and that people will attend.

Use a variety of sales outlets and methods

As a business that is partially reliant on good summer weather for sales, it makes sense to hedge your bets by conducting your business at a variety of events evenly spread over the summer.

Get inventive about turning rain into a potential opportunity by running competitions and other initiatives.

This means if one week the weather is poor and business is affected, there are other opportunities available later in the summer when the weather improves.

Try and conduct your business in a variety of locations too, some indoors and some outside so that you have insurance if the summer is a complete washout.

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