Why run an apprenticeship programme?

POSTED: 15th March 2013
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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) might like to think about the mutual benefits an apprenticeship programme can offer.

undefinedIn partnership with a training provider, a business can get young and fresh talent on board through an effective scheme that harnesses the apprentice's capabilities.

A major advantage of this is that the company has the chance to home-grow their own staff and can nurture their skills from the very beginning to suit the business.

An SME might also get a funding boost for running an apprenticeship programme, which would help bolster its cash flow.

A great aspect of an apprenticeship is that it gives young people an incredible opportunity to get moving on their career, which is good for SMEs too.

It also promotes loyalty in the candidate so hopefully over the course of the three-year scheme they will come to enjoy the working environment and want to become a full member of the team.

One issue businesses need to be aware of when running an apprenticeship programme is not to give away more spaces than they can reasonably manage.

As the apprentice will need a senior member of staff to mentor them in their role, it is paramount permanent employees are not over-stretched trying to fulfil their obligations to the candidate. 

Still, running such a programme can be a great way to nab the best new talent on the field and will help to plug any gaps in the company's staff shortages.

And because they start work from the get go, they are immediately valuable to the firm, even if that initially involves more administrative tasks than anything else.

Essentially, an apprenticeship programme enables an SME to get the most from young people interested in their field.

But the company also gives back to the candidate by offering them the chance to gain a few years' experience and potentially providing a permanent placement at the end of the scheme.

So if your business needs new staff to bolster its competitiveness, an apprenticeship programme could be just the route to follow.

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